Adam Hung

A portrait of General Hung.

Vice-Baron Adam Hung is a Tagogese politician of mixed Chinese and Bantu descent, and a member of the Conservative Tagogese Party. He is also a prominent leader of Tagpol, the Tagogese secret police, and is on a blacklist which forbids him to enter certain nations, including Lovia and Brunant. He is the number one target of the TCP.


His father was Lee Hung, a Chinese businessman, and his mother Alice, a member of the Mpwana dynasty on her mother's side, who was killed in the 1976 royal family massacre. Lee managed to use his position to protect his children. Hung has one brother, Francis, and one sister, Josephine, who is married to Gordon Mwanajuma. Both siblings are members of the CTP and of the Tumefurahi city council.

In addition, Hung's uncle is Kijiji Sebeki Uriel Umwa, half-brother of Hung's mother Alice. (Umwa was not the son of his mother's chief wife, of royal descent, so was not targeted by the massacre.)

Positions and titlesEdit

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