A Citizen is a user who either has done more than 50 edits or has been given Citizen Rights by the Parliament. A citizen can run and vote in elections and buy a second home.

List of current Citizens Edit

Since 2017, citizens are divided into two classes: 'honoured citizens' and 'acknowledged persons.'

Honoured citizensEdit

The following individuals are the finest fruit of Tagogese society and worthy of renown for their tireless sacrifice on behalf of the Nation.

Official name Username First home Second home Number of edits
Kanto Qyto 4kant,6 Palace Quarter
Chongchi Lau Deng Ooswesthoesbes China Town
Adam Hung Semyon Tumefurahi
Hung-Mpwana Vice-Baronial Parish

Acknowledged persons Edit

The existence of the following persons is acknowledged and currently tolerated by the Tagogese government, but there is no guarantee that they will retain this blessing indefinitely. Most of them either are, or should be, under Tagpol investigation.

Official name Username Home Number of edits
Goodluck Wuya TimeMaster  ??? 107
 ???? Happy65  ??? 7
Jim Jones FictiveJ  ??? 24
John Hilton Wabba The I Yglu
Gerald Smith 77topaz  ??? 95
Michel Kinkela Horton11 Outskirts of Gogat 101
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