The Conservative Tagogese Party (CTP) is a Tagogese political party, commonly known as 'The Party' by Tagog's citizens. Its leader is Kanto Qyto, the current president, who has led the party since its founding in 1985, shortly before the dictator Benedict John was removed from power. The party, illegal until Qyto came to power, led the brave movement to take back control of the country from the highly corrupt John, who had instituted socialist policies that had inflicted enormous harm upon Tagog. Due to the CTP's impeccably wise and effective leadership of the nation, the party is supported by almost all Tagogese citizens, excepting a small minority who support the recognized opposition parties, who often work together with the CTP given the party's effective governing of the nation and a desire to not alienate their voters by acting unpatriotically. It was never a member of the illegal Shadow Parliament, now disbanded, due to the fact that the organization was only supported by approximately 0.01% of the nation, primarily consisting of Brunanter agents. The party holds 80% of the seats in the Tumefurahi city council.

Prominent members Edit

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