The Free Alliance (FA) was the largest opposition/resistance party in Tagog, and held many seats in the Shadow Parliament up until August 2013. Its leader was Vincent Ndengu. The party had extreme-leftist pro-Western views. The party was widely hated in Tagog for its treachery to the nation and insolent opposition to the authorities. Support remained less than 0.01% according to the most reliable polls. Since a major reorganization of Tagogese politics in August, following Ndengu's death by natural causes, and as the population had widely expressed their view that the Free Alliance should no longer be allowed to insult their national identity by existing, the government reluctantly bowed to the democratic will of the people and closed the Alliance.

According to party organs

The Free Alliance (FA) is the largest opposition/resistance party in Tagog, holding many seats in the Shadow Parliament. Its leader is Vincent Ndengu. The party has centre-left, environmentalist views. While government statistics generally show support for the party as being less than 1%, independent surveys have shown a support level as high as 30% for the whole opposition (which includes the FA). These surveys have also shown that the FA's support is strongest in Little Island Parish and Antak Parish (which has its own secessionist party), as well as areas of Gogat and Gaoshan Parish.

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