Goodluck Wuya

A photograph of Goodluck Wuya.

Goodluck Wuya (Gogat, March 29, 1959) is a Tagogese opposition politician of Bantu descent, and the leader of Independent Tagog. He is known for his criticism of the Tagogese government and the ruling party, the Conservative Tagogese Party, for their "weak and moderate" policies. However, he is extremely respectful of Kanto Qyto, and has a portrait of the leader in his home, calling him a "beacon within the darkness of the CTP."

He is also known to support many of Adam Hung's less moderate policies, such as the invasion of Antak Parish. He was once tortured for his party's "insufficient glorification of Vice-Baron Adam Hung" in 2015, after which it was revealed his party had been about to release further statements of glorification. After his release, he deeply apologized and accepted blame for the tardiness of his party's glorifications. Later, in 2017, he was accused of harassment of the TUMPH certified Tagogese Communist Party, which he has described as an "insult to Tagog", and made other statements implying that he supports a hypothetical decertification.

Wuya grew up speaking Swahili natively, picking up English as a second language from a young age. His father was killed by a British soldier in anti-colonialist protests in support of Benjamin Banki in 1960. He lives in a house in Gogat with his wife and three children. He is a practicing Muslim.

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