Brig. Ntaba

Brig. Ntaba in 2016

Brigadier Hendricks Anthony Ntaba (born in Lama Town, 1972) is an officer in the Brunanter Army. He has been a loyal and ardent supporter of President Emeritus John Smith of Brunant. He is known for temporarily upstaging the rightful government of Tagog for two months in late 2017 and early 2018.


Ntaba was born in Lama Town in 1972 and is believed to have joined the Brunanter Army in 1990. Reports from the Tagogese government suggest that it took Ntaba many years of dedicated backstabbing and prostitution to achieve his present rank in the Brunanter Army, which allowed him to embark on his temporarily successful coup agains the rightful leaders of Tagog.

On 17 November 2017, inspired by the efforts undertaken in Zimbabwe, Ntaba called in the Brunanter military to restore order in Tagog and defend Kanto Qyto against supposed "friends" and "allies" (though he was a secret cohort of Western European Imperialists), while in reality seeking to undermine him and lead a coup. Brig. Ntaba demoted Qyto to the position of President Emeritus and 'temporarily' announced he would be in charge on an 'interim' basis until the safety of Qyto and of Tagog could be ensured. Meanwhile, many important allies of Qyto were jailed.

After Chongchi Lau Deng and Adam Hung escaped from jail, widely believed to be due to divine intervention, bravely led a counter-coup, and restored democracy to Tagog, Ntaba narrowly managed to escape and retreat to his homeland in humiliating circumstances, thanks to the terrible betrayal of the nation by some Tagogese soldiers that have since been tortured and executed for their disloyalty to the leadership of Tagog. He has since been declared the number one Tagpol target.

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