A map of the Parish (in red; Gogat Parish is in green)

Hung-Mpwana Vice-Baronial Parish is one of the six Parishes of Tagog. It was formerly known as the Mpwana Parish. It is ruled under the iron sceptre of Vice-Baron Adam Hung, and has a special status in Tagog.

The capital is Tumefurahi.


The Parish consists of the north and east of Mpwana Island, and an area in the south of Kisiwa Island. The main part of its territory borders Gogat Parish, most of the border being defined by Gogat River. The Nyekundu River and a meridian line also define part of the border. The area on Kisiwa Island borders Gaoshan Parish and the Presidential Territory.

The terrain is moderately hilly.

List of settlementsEdit


The Mpwana Kingdom existed at least the 1600s, when it is mentioned in some Arabic traders' documents. It consisted of Swahili-speaking people. The kingdom was led by a king of the Mpwana dynasty, tracing his ancestry back to Solomon.

Under the British occupation, the kings adopted the title of Vice-Baron, and acted on behalf of the British. Under the regime of Benedict John, Tagogese nationalism was encouraged and 'colonial collaborators' were murdered. In 1976 the entire royal family was slaughtered and the previously autonomous Mpwana Vice-Barony was abolished in widespread centralisation.

After Kanto Qyto took hold of power, he benevolently restored administrative authority to the region, which became the Mpwana Parish. In 2015, General Adam Hung, close ally of Leader Qyto and head of Tagpol, revealed himself to be a member of the Mpwana dynasty and Leader Qyto delightedly restored the Vice-Baronial title to him. The new Vice-Baron swore everlasting loyalty to his leader on behalf of himself, his family and the Vice-Barony.

In 2015, Adam Hung successfully to absorbed the secessionist Antak Parish into his realm, which was created by the weak former leader Benjamin Banki as a concession to the separatist traitors.

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