Independent Tagog (IT) is a Tagogese political party. Its leader is Goodluck Wuya. The party is supported by a small minority of the Tagogese Citizens, and has in the past criticized the Conservative Tagogese Party for "being lapdogs of the international socialist elite" as according to Wuya, but has never criticized Kanto Qyto, supporting him as president and calling him a "beacon within the darkness" of the CTP. It supports total isolation and self-suffiency of Tagog, without interference from any outside countries. It also supports a full scale invasion of Brunant, denouncing it as a communist country dedicated to the destruction of the great nation of Tagog. It also strongly supported the Burenian invasion of Lovia in 2014, praising the Burenians as brave liberators.

Although it was 'accepted with reluctance by the political and security forces' (i.e. TUMPH) in 2015, this was later revoked due to 'insufficient glorification of Vice-Baron Hung.' Goodluck Wuya was kidnapped by the Qytoites and punished severely in accordance with the Constitution. This interrogation revealed that the party had been about to release further statements of glorification, and after these were released, Vice-Baron Hung mercifully allowed the party to become recertified and Wuya to be released. Since then, they have been accused of harassment of the TUMPH-certified Tagogese Communist Party, which is considered to be "an insult to Tagog" by Wuya. After the end of the coup led by Brunant and its puppet Hendricks Ntaba, under which party leadership was jailed, the party increased its calls for direct violent action against Brunant, in addition to proposing the development of a nuclear weapons program followed by its immediate use against Brunant.

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