The invasion of Antak Parish was a short conflict in Tagog.


The accursed Antakker separatists have stirred up trouble in Tagog for too long. Together with the Free Alliance, their sabotage has created hardship for the Tagogese people. The kind-hearted president Kanto Qyto therefore decided to ease their pain by wiping Antak off the face of the earth. The TCP opposed this, calling it a "horrible undemocratic move". Independent Tagog believed that the approach is too moderate, and suggests that every citizen of Antak be eternally tortured and the parish be transformed into an accursed wasteland in punishment for its insidious inhabitants.


  • 1 October - Tagogese navy ships leave Gogat and begin bombing Port Antak. Tagpol operatives stir up fear among the people, who begin fleeing to neighbouring Gaoshan Parish.
  • 2 October - The mighty Tagogese army marches across the land, crushing resistance. By now 50% of the population has fled. Those who defy the rule of Leader Qyto are summarily executed.
  • 3 October - Antak Parish is officially abolished and the territory is divided between Hung-Mpwana Vice-Baronial Parish and a new Presidential Territory owned directly by the president.
  • 4 October - Port Antak is renamed Port Hung. Adam Hung appoints his brother Francis Hung as Governor of the Conquered Territory.
  • 5 October - The conflict is officially declared over.
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