Jim's Hymn (written by Jim Jones, aka Jim the Not-Fazed) is a proposed national anthem of Tagog. According to Gerald Smith, aka Gerald the Shiny, it is the best song ever written in Tagog.

The song is banned in Tagog due to its extremist lyrics and implicit criticism of Kanto Qyto.


Verse 1Edit

There's no point, no point at all in capitalism
For a strong society, you want Communism
We're the far-left, you're going to see
To make better, society
Do away with companies, the workers get their chance
And take the eyes of the country away from greedy hands
TCP's the best party, something you can't deny
And so you'd better vote for us, I will tell you why!


Improve the country, change the curse to blessing
Make our nation Tagog the world's envy
This all starts with Jim's communism
And to make that happen, vote for TCP!

Verse 2Edit

The workers are the people, who labour hard
And then sit gloomily in their backyard
But does it have to be this way? Absolutely not
Here, we can give the proletariat a shot
We don't privatise, we're honest and fair
To make everybody have a share
Let's do away with World of Media and NPC
And nationalise the services under TCP!

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