The Party for Moderate Development is a Tagogese political party and the largest in the country after the Conservative Tagogese Party. It adheres to centre-right political views. The party, while reviled by the Tagogese public, has rarely dissented in Parliament from CTP decisions, and its leader Charles Wu is known to have sworn loyalty to the President. Kanto Qyto, while emphasising his disgust at the PMD's extremist left-wing pro-Western views and their toil to foil the CTP at every turn, has wisely pronounced it necessary to allow the party's continual existence, to maintain a healthful democracy. The party is TUMPH-registered, though members are closely monitored to prevent any threat to the nation or president.

As part of the Day of Vengeance, the former leader Alexander Wu was executed and replaced with his brother Bertram.

Due to his role in the Ntaba coup, the former leader Bertram Wu was executed and replaced with his brother Charles.

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