The Shadow Parliament was a crimino-political entity and virulent force for evil within Tagog. While it had no official power, and was not recognised by the government, it formed (one of) the central administrative bodies of the Tagogese Resistance to the ever-smiling rule of Leader Kanto Qyto. It was a mafia-like organisation, with 40 'bosses', who derived their authority from ruthless and merciless contralegislative operations. It was led by international criminal Vincent Ndengu, until his death in 2013.

The Shadow Parliament received its name because of the dark and devious activities of its members, some of whom even dared to describe themselves as 'socialist' or 'liberal'. One faction within the organisation even described itself as the 'Free Alliance', a slap in the face to the beloved leader who has worked tirelessly for the cause of freedom and to provide his people with the pure distillate of Liberty.

The organisation was dealt with by Tagpol in 2015, on the personal request of the Leader. Tagogese children danced on the streets on the day their oppressors in the Ndengu family faced justice, praising their liberator Leader Qyto, who declared a national day of celebration to be commemorated for eternity as the Day of Vengeance, and bestowed great honour on Vice-Baron Adam Hung.

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