The Tagogese Communist Party (TCP) were a far-leftist party in Tagog. They are generally considered a barbaric, undemocratic party that sought to expel democracy from the Tagogese nation, using what they termed the 'New Tagog Plan' (warning: contains propaganda). It had two members: its leader Jim Jones and his assistant Gerald Smith. They were captured after a failed attempt to overthrow Kanto Qyto in 2015.

The TCP's self-written articleEdit

We say, SAKAR A TAGOG! But with TCP, you can say, blessings upon Tagog! Glory to this country! And all because of Communism! - Jim the Not-Fazed

The Tagogese Communist Party (TCP) is a political party established by dictatorial democratic Jim the Not-Fazed. He wants to bring in Communism to Tagog to make things better, which is dubbed the New Tagog Plan. According to the Not-Fazed, the TCP will win, because Jim promises to cheat. The deputy leader of the party is Gerald the Shiny. The official TCP gemstone is the topaz.

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