The Tumefurahi Metro is the metro/urban rail system of Tumefurahi. It is the longest metro system in the world, with an estimated 700 km of track (for comparison: New York and London both have about 400, Paris has just over 200, and the second-largest, Shanghai, has less than 600).

It was built in a few years to serve all citizens of Tumefurahi who wish to travel around their great city. All trains and stations are plastered with propaganda to keep citizens' spirits up.

The 18 lines of the system are operated by different groups: The Qyto Rapid System operates lines 1-7 and 10, and Vice-Baronial Tramways operates 8-9 and 11-14.

List of servicesEdit

Line Operator Route
1 Qyto Rapid Central Area - Ethics Plaza
2 Old New York - Media Site
3 Devicina - Worthy Hill
4 African Glory - National Monument/Denville
5 Central Area - Accountability
6 New Isolation - Mpwana River
7 Mpwana River - Castle Hill extension to Taishan opening in 2018
8 (LRT) Vice-Baronial Tramways Kingston - Social Fairground
9 (LRT) Kingston - Mpwana River
10 Qyto Rapid Wiki Valley - Natural History Museum extension to New Pyongyang opening in 2018
11 Vice-Baronial Tramways Great Honesty - HNIA
12 Romanis - Central Area
13 Romanis - Monument of Reliance
14 (Express) Central Area - HNIA
15 Unknown Central Area - Unknown currently serves to Blacktown
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