Vincent Ndengu 2009

Vincent Ndengu speaking at an international conference in 2009.

Vincent Ndengu (1974-2013) was a Tagogese opposition politician. He was the leader of the Free Alliance, and considered a major threat to national security. Ndengu was assassinated by Tagpol in 2013.


Ndengu was a member of both the Free Alliance and the Shadow Parliament, the congress-like administrative "opposition" body related to the Tagogese Resistance, of which Ndengu was considered the most notable figure. He first became prominent in the presidential election, 2013, winning 25% of the vote and drawing the attention of the authorities.


On 22nd April 2013, an assassination attempt against Ndengu at a meeting in Gogat, quite likely commissioned by Tagpol, was foiled. The fate of the assassin is unknown, as he was reportedly taken away by local authorities.

On the 31st of August, a second assassination attempt was successful. Ndengu passed away mysteriously, seemingly of natural causes, but an autopsy revealed ricin poisoning was the cause.

After death

Queen Helene and Vincent Ndengu 11 Nov 13

A release from the Brunanter propaganda department, purporting to prove the continued existence of Ndengu, but exposing the inferior quality of Brunanter image-editing software.

Controversy continued about whether Ndengu had truly been assassinated by the secret police. In Brunant, an impostor appeared in public (though he had a very different physical appearance to the real Ndengu) at events apparently supported by the Brunanter government, with the aim of violently overthrowing the Tagogese government and committing genocide against its people (the event attracted ridicule for Brunant as well as several notable Brunanters that attended, including members of the royal family). The identity of the impostor is unknown, though it is not believed that he is a Tagogese citizen.

Brunant quickly became isolated in the international community over the issue, with senior politicians from Lovia and Mäöres openly mocking the resurrected Ndengu. UN officials confirmed the death of Ndengu, after they were granted access to Tagogese government archives in view of the unusual circumstances surrounding the death.

Hackers also targetted the Tagog government website to alter pictures of Ndengu to those of the double.

The lies of Brunant

In early September 2013, while Ndengu was travelling around the IWO, the Tagogese government declared he had been assassinated, forcing him to go into hiding in the Southern Arc Islands due to the risk of Tagpol foreign missions attacking him (numerous of his colleagues were also forced to flee Tagog; Ndengu had also been legally prevented from re-entering his country earlier, against the UN Charter of Human Rights). Only in early November 2013 has Ndengu been able to come out of hiding, in preparation for the Open Eyes and Ears for Tagog event to raise awareness of the human rights situation in Tagog.

Ndengu owns a home in Koningstad, at nr. 28 Koningstraat.

Vincent has three siblings, Monday Ndengu, Ibrahim Ndengu and Sophia Ndengu, all of whom are members of the Free Alliance and the Shadow Parliament. His father James Ndengu is also a member of both, and so are Vincent's first cousins Ese Ndengu and Emmanuel Akasi-Ndengu.

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